Solfège Suicide | Tripes

SON –– 0014


Marco Quaresimin — double bass, compositions

Julien Chamla — drums

Jean-Brice Godet — clarinets


Recorded at Radio Coax on the 8th of January 2017 by Florent Bobet, Studio Music Unit, Montreuil [France]

Throughout the years and after going themselves through trance-like experiences, the trio Tripes has developed a music based on extended forms built on endless repetitions of patterns.
A wide-range of textures are expanded slowly and shaped by the breathing of the three musicians, leading to a meditative state of listening.
The regular and progressive beats, as well as the stripped-down melodies slowly modify the perception of time of the listener and therefore encourage a modified state of consciousness.
Then comes the rhythmic acceleration and the unstoppable ascent of tension, increased by the musicians’ voices.
Some might experience sadness or unbearable tension, others abandon themselves into blissful feelings and unexpected relief.


photography — Manuela Naddeo


Release Date: December 30, 2018

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