Silences, des falaises et des caniveaux rares | Giovanni Cristino, Walter Forestiere

SON –– 001

Giovanni Cristino  ––  prepared and unprepared piano, objects
Walter Forestiere  ––  various drums, cymbals, objects, trumpet


“Silences, des falaises et des caniveaux rares” is the first of a series of works dedicated to experimental, improvised and electroacoustic music: a common research on gesture in relation to the expression of the inner individual idiom, using a limited amount of tonal elements, gestures and compositional. The result is a sound material characterized by a tangible narrative sense, which introduces the listener in a biting and deflowered flow.


Recorded, mixed, mastered on January-February 2017 by Walter Forestiere

Artwork, photography / Jack D’Amico

Handwritten lines, notes, titles / Walter Forestiere

Thanks to Michele, Alisia, Viviana, Jack, Angela M. Capelli, Vito





Release Date: March 17, 2017

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