Rituale | Jack D’Amico, Walter Forestiere



Walter Forestiere — floor tom, voice, speaker, field recordings and variable sonic objects

Jack D’Amico — prepared and unprepared acoustic piano, hyper piano, megaphone and objects


recorded by Stefano Manca at Sudest Studio [Guagnano, Italy] on July 20, 2019

mixed by Walter Forestiere


We live an historical moment in which social distancing, fear of the other, paranoia prevailed.
Our task is not to get used to this condition, not to become addicted to this dystopian world in which one of the most important elements of society slowly collapses: sharing.
Paradoxically, we also live in an era in which the internet and social networks allow us, albeit distant, to produce and share.
and we, army of the fine arts, which humbly and with so many difficulties confront the liquid-modern world through music, images, dance, poetry, are perhaps now called more than ever to share.

“Rituale” is our cry of sharing, the scream of a man in a straitjacket accidentally locked up in an asylum.


photo — Jack D’Amico


Release Date: April 7, 2020

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