Obsolèto | Giovanni Cristino, Walter Forestiere



Walter Forestiere — horizontal bassdrum, variable sonic objects

Giovanni Cristino — laptop, manipulated field recordings


recorded by Massimo Stano at MAST Studio [Bari, Italy] on June 26th 2018

mixed and mastered by Renato Fiorito


“Obsolèto” is the result of the research path carried out by Giovanni Cristino [laptop, manipulated field recordings] and Walter Forestiere [horizontal bassdrum, breath and some variable sonic objects]: an accurate and careful selection of materials, mainly coming from certain soundscapes [micro and macro], digitally and roughly manipulated, and the sonic characteristics of certain common and unusual objects, translated into percussive gestures, through the direct involvement of improvisation for the organization of the aforementioned materials.


This particular album will be screened on three different posters, published on three different dates: the streaming of the first two tracks will be available on January 4th, the third and fourth on January 20th, the fifth and sixth on February 10th.


artwork — Giovanni Cristino, Walter Forestiere


Release Date: December 27, 2019

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