Liquida Vita | Vito Pesce, Walter Forestiere

SON –– 003

Vito Pesce  ––  electric guitar
Walter Forestiere  ––  drums


“Liquida Vita” is a project of sonic and idiomatic research, based on several elements: instant composition [structural and destructive] and extemporary gestures, which are expressed by a feeling of morigerated expressive-emotional necessities. Vito Pesce and Walter Forestiere, respectively electric guitar and drums, translate theirselves in a varied and changing narrative flux, telling about a lively and consistent Humanity. Two rare microcosms, searching for their natural collocation among the widespreading heat. The album has been freely inspired by Zygmunt Bauman’s works and Life.


Live recorded by Walter Forestiere between November 16′ – March 17′

Mixed, mastered by Marco Fischetti at Death Star Studio on May 17′

Artwork / Jack D’Amico

Photography / Clelia Rizzo


“Liquida Vita” has been printed on 50 limited edition audiotapes by: Fisherground [IT], Sonor-us [IT]

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Release Date: May 26, 2017

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