Golden Ruins |, Rooms Delayed

SON –– 008 is Angelo Guido –– guitar, self-built FX pedals, E-Bow, laptop

Rooms Delayed is Vincenzo Nazzaro –– guitar, pedals, mics, cables


“Golden Ruins” is the first collaboration between the two Italian music projects [Angelo Guido] and Rooms Delayed [Vincenzo Nazzaro], born out of the common intention to freely experiment with six strings, reverbs and resonant feelings.
The album was recorded in September/December 2017 between Brindisi and Bologna, Italy, using two electric guitars and cables, mics, E-bow and self-built effects pedals.
One word, one track to describe seven phases of a common life. From Birth to Death, we’re just dust, ruins made of gold.


recorded in Brindisi/Bologna [Italy], September-December 2017

photography, artwork / Jack D’Amico


Release Date: January 26, 2018

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