Renato Fiorito

Composer, performer, sound artist and sound engineer.
Born in Naples, 07/28/87. Since his childhood, he was intersted and obsessed by sound and its innumerable declinations and experiments.

After the degree in DAMS Music at the University of Bologna with a thesis on Ginevra di Scozia by Johann Simon Mayr, he attends for a year a course at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, where he gained the first skills in the microphone recording modes.

Back in Naples in 2013, he dedicates himself completely to sound research and sound engineering. His aesthetics is the result of a thin balance between roaring sounds and irregular rhythms, through field recordings as the main material for the creation of immersive sound environments.

He collaborated with some artists such as Fabrizio Elvetico, Antonio Raia, Bob Ostertag, Gino Robair, Orchestra Elettroacustica Officina Arti Soniche, Crossroads Improring.

He performed at some italian sound research festivals like Flussi EU, Free Flow Fest, Solchi Sperimentali Fest Campania.

He takes part at the Infrasuoni table, the group that deals with the music offer of l’Asilo in Naples. With that group, he gave birth to NISE, a non-collective that aims to the spread of a different sound culture.

Under the Matz! moniker he made some performances and interactive installations, such as Capera! and Diade, aimed at bringing the audience closer to a sonic world often considered difficult to spread and enjoy.


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