Antonio Tonietti

Born in Brindisi, living in Viterbo, Antonio Tonietti easily moves between tradition and electroacoustic experimentation, field recordings and Glenn Branca’s avantgarde, dark-wave and harmonic singing. He builds the instruments used during his performances, putting together recycled materials that modifies with refined lutist techniques learned from masters of different traditions that he joined following cognitive journeys.

Not easy to place in any pre-established genre, his music merges with the word passing from spoken to reading, finally arriving to theater; he wrote the soundtracks for “In grembo a Dio” [a show desired by the Caffeina foundation for the Jubilee] and “Fratto/C“, a show focused on life and works of the painter Carlo Vincenti.



Branca – Symphony No. 13 (Hallucination City) For 100 Guitars © 2016 Atavistic / BrancaMusic.

Abient Italy-Various Artists, Aural Films © 2017

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